OSP-1254 Oxy2 Qube Head System Combo, Black

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OSP-1254 Oxy2 Qube Head System Combo, Black

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Oxy Heli offer 3 Blade Head System for OXY2 Heli.

We named "Qube" following the success of OXY3 3 Head System

In order to support the Oxy 2 Heli, Oxy Heli in cooperation with Lynx defines after long testing this 3 Blade head system named “Qube”

Simple and stronger deign assure the best efficacy…

- Direct replacement for Oxy 2.

- New and different way to fly your Oxy 2.

- Easy to build and repair in case of crash.

- Increased cyclic response.

- Increased system efficacy at Low Head Speed (4000 rpm)

- Increased reactivity at High Head Speed (5000 rpm)

- Unique look and fly sound.



1 x Set of 3 x Main Blade 190 mm Carbon Plastic - Black

1 x Oxy 2 - 3 Head System Main Head – Preassembled NOT Ready to fly (follow manual for final assembly)

1 x Oxy 2 - 3 Head System Swashplate

1 x Oxy 2 – 3 Head System Blade Holder 3D Printed TPU - Black


Follow user manual for more information of final assembly.



3 Head System need a different FBL set up compare the 2 Head.

For and easy start up if you use MSH brain you can find the option 3 Head Blade on the menu.

Is quite commune that with the 2 head FBL set up the cyclic gain will overshoot, in particularly in elevator direction.

Is hard to give precise presetting, cause servo difference and head speed, but try first with lower cyclic gain and increase per need.

In Oxy 2 Cube we suggest head speed between 3500 to 5000 and tail blade 41 mm long.

If the std tail ratio with 16 Tail Pulley you can increase the authority with the 15 Tail pulley.

Oxy 2 Cube can also use with Stretch Boom and 210 mm Main Blade


For more information about this product please contact us at service@oxyheli.com or service@lynxheli.com

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