OXY3-SNB - OXY3 Sport - No Main Blades

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OXY3-SNB - OXY3 Sport - No Main Blades

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OXY 3 Sport – The newest OXY3 is finally HERE!

Design base on the NEW OXY3 – Tareq Edition, the OXY3 Sport represent the base option of the newest OXY 3 2018 Series Edition.
Using the best compromise of Quality CNC and Copolymer Parts, the new OXY3 Sport improves the performance of his older brother, the OXY3 – 255.

Many of you confused by the interest for the improvement of the new OXY3 Sport, but more ask: “How was possible to improve a product already perfect?”

OXY Factory Pilots and Luca worked on advanced Heli specification, and the result after over 10 months of hard work is now easy touchable… not just for beauty but especially in flight.

Major changes applied compared older OXY3 Series.
1-     Simplicity to Efficiency… Over three years of experiences on the OXY3 – 255 help us to define new features and make all manual operations easier.
-  Main Gear Jesus Bolt: Those who have an OXY 3 already knows what we are talking about. YES, we did! New Design, were no pliers are necessary on the lock / unlock operations. Already used and approved on our OXY 4 a special OEM Nut called H2-M2 helps dramatically assembly and service operations.

- DFC Linkage Rods, some of you as us, probably experienced a nasty feeling after crash, the impossibility to reuse Main Grip with the DFC fastening screw snapping off in it!
In the new OXY editions, we introduce a “clever” and innovative system with superiors fastening and kinetic features. In case of a hard crash, assure the integrity of the Main Grip with the possibility of easy and fast service of every single DFC / Head and parts.

Simple detail made big improvements!
2-     Improved CoG (360-degree Center Of Gravity):  Extra battery volume, better visibility and “Muscle” Kit Sexy Look.  Improved CoG position.  The perfection maybe not exist, but OXY Team and Luca aim for that!
- New frame design, combined with a new profile canopy is the answer. More space for battery and ultimate sexy look!

- Standard is Stretch... The NEW OXY3 Sport comes standard Stretch. This makes it easy for you choose the blade, from 250mm up to 287mmm as with the new Tareq Edition. OXY3 Sport will support your personal choice

3-     Tail System Efficiency:  For Oxy Heli the Tail was and will be the most important Heli feature to handle. 
- The New OXY3 Sport  feature new tail components and tail ratio. With all new components, together with the improved efficiency we also improved the vibe suppression, holding and the wear resistance.


OXY3 Sport Standard Specification:

-       Main Blade options: from 250 up to 287mm

-       Oval Boom without support.

-       Tail belt drive, with One Way Tail for the best Over Speed.

-       Optimized Head and Tail geometry.

-       Ultra-Rigid Main Frame Carbon / Aluminum – Black Matte Finish with a Triple Bearing Block.

-       DFC Head System with optional FBL System (sold separate).

-       Optimized Tail efficiency per Oxy Standards.


But the OXY3 Introduce New Oxy Features and Specialty Design:

-       New Canopy “Muscle” profile, modern, skinny, aggressive and sexy, with an incredible fly visibility, large Battery Protection and special shape to reduce pitch drag effect.

-       New Tail Design, with oversized Tail Pulley to assure precise tail transmission and wear resistance belt optimization.

-       Innovative Main Shaft Jesus Bolt for easy and quick assembly and repair operation.


About Technical and Standard, Here Some Point:

-       NEW OXY3 Sport comes standard witch Stretch Tail System. This makes it easy for you choose the blade, from 250 up to 287mmm. OXY3 Sport will support your personal choice.

-       50mm Tail Blade (included on the box).

-       4mm Main Shaft – 3mm Spindle – 3mm Tail Shaft.

-       140T Slant Main Gear – Different Pinions Offered, 3.17 and 3.5 mm Motor Shaft.

-       59T Main Tail Pulley and 16T Tail Pulley included on the kit – optional 15T tail.

-       Motors Options: from 2214 up to 2216 – 2500 / 4100 kv base on battery.

-       ESC Options: 30 to 50 A.

-       Battery Options 3 / 4S 1350/1500

-       Battery Options 6S 900/1000

-       Servos Options: Micro Cyclic + Micro or Mini Tail servo.

-       FBL Options: Micro / Mini to Standard Size.

Approximately 650g Ready to Fly Weight with good electronics, 2216 motor and 4S/1500 mAh Battery.  


OXY3 Sport Kit No Main Blade - Contents:

-       1 x Oxy 3 Kit with DFC Head System.

-       1 x Oxy 3 FB Canopy – Orange Yellow Schema.

-       1 x Set 50mm Tail Blade Plastic

-       1 x Set - Aluminum Main Blade Shims.

-       1 x 11T and 1 x 14T Pinion 3.17mm Motor Shaft.

-       1 x Set Colored Tail Fin Sticker (Yellow – White – Orange).

-       1 x Swash Plate Lever Tools with Zero Pitch function.

-       1 x Serial Number Card – Registration Serial Number on www.oxyheli.com , every 3 month we will extract a serial number from our registered data base that win a $200 usd coupon to spend in     our web site Lynx Heli Innovations www.lynxheli.com

OXY3 Sport Kit comes without Main Blade and electronics, giving you the best choose options.


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