LX2608 - Torrent 110 - Upgrade XLS Frame

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LX2608 - Torrent 110 - Upgrade XLS Frame

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Lynx FPV Innovations always looking to improving products that really do something.

Torrent 110 Lynx FPV XLS Stretch Main Frame is cut by PURE 100% 3K Carbon Fiber Sheet.

We radically increase the rigidity and the crash resistance, reducing arms wide and drag.

Our XLS Stretch Frame can use with STD FC or other format (20 x 20 and 16x16) leaving you the possibility and imagination of different set up.

Because we are pilot and we do for pilot, we know the importance of detail; we decided to add extra but important FC TPU Soft Mount and Motor TPU Dampeners.

Battery can install by Hook and Loop Velcro or O-Ring (both are included on the bag).

100% compatible with standard Torrent Parts, is ready for duty!

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a new special different and really resistant Torrent 110 Frame, Lynx FPV Innovations is the answer!


Packing List:

1 x Torrent 110 XLS Upgrade Frame Set with TPU FC Mount and Motor Dampeners

1 x Set Hardware per need

2 x Battery O- Ring

1 x Hook and Loop Velcro

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