LX2603-7 - Torrent 110 - Landing Gear Dampener, Red/Black Color

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LX2603-7 - Torrent 110 - Landing Gear Dampener, Red/Black Color

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Lynx FPV Innovations offer special Torrent 110 Landing gear support.

In order to protect the battery, Lynx define special TPU Flexible Pin to install on the frame.

Test show us the important to prtect battery and also the need of landing gear that  will be flexible but wthout ground contact grip.

To much grip can end with indesirable flip over.. the answer that: double material parts, flex TPU pins connected on the frame, and low friction material end tip.


Because we belive the detail are important, this simple but important upgrade will protect your Frame and Battery.



- Weight 4g - Fully Set Assembled



1 Set - 4 PCS - Torrent 110 Landing Gear - Ninja Flex TPU - Red / Black Color

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