LX2411-8 - Pika 65 FPV Racer, Clear Color

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LX2411-8 - Pika 65 FPV Racer, Clear Color

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Lynx FPV Innovations one more time introduce something special.

65 mm micro quads must be light..  Must be ultralight… Must be…  But is hard to combine mechanical strength, crash resistance and keep the full frame, including FPV Camera Mount under 4g.

Lynx FPV Innovations thanks the great experience of previous project as Spider series define a new amazing design, the Pika Series.

Pika Series strength are based over a simple and easy to assembly design and new 3D printed exotic material.

Use a new mix of ABS and PLA the new Pika Frame Series is amazing lightweight and super durable.

Our previous challenge to made a Micro FPV 65 mm frame under the 4 g was busted..

Pika 65 FPV Frames set new standard.. Frame weight only 3.5 g Frame Set, but is incredible strong and crash resistant.


From our 3D Print Farm finally available the Pika 65 FPV Racer, 3.5g frame weight – 4.2g including FPV Camera Mount.

Lynx FPV Innovations – Pika 65 FPV frame combine feature design:

-        Ultra-Lightweight - 3.5g frame weight – 4.2g including FPV Camera Mount.

-        Mechanical strength, not require extra stiffeners

-        Aerodynamic performance, low profile with Props Protection

-        Impact resistance components, exotics plastics with exclusive extra after-printing chemical treatment that solidify parts and increase elastomer effect.

-        Quick assembly without screw and quick service of any frame parts, frame not require screw, all parts Snap-in and frame can be assembled or serviced in one minutes.. or less.

-        7 Solid colors available, and 4 Transcendent (Glow In The Dark and U.V Effect) amazing offer of colors for any taste and feeling, possibility to update colors parts in few second thanks spare parts availability.

-        Safety with Props Protection.

-        Wide range FC options, frames was designer over the most commune and actual FC Board.

-        Fly Precision, frame offer resonance and vibe suppression effect that stabilize and improve fly precision..

-        Incredible price / performance ratio, with less than 20usd (frame only) give extreme performance and good feeling.


What you need to fly Pika 65:

-  4 x Brushed Motor 6x15mm 17500 – 19000 KV suggested.

-  2 x CCW + 2 CW 31 mm Propeller (Inductrix style).

-   Fly Controller Compatible: Inductrix FC or Compatible.

-   Bee Brain V1 and V2 – AchroWhoop V1 and V2.

-  1s Lipo Battery 200/250Ah 20/40C discharge

-  For Fpv any micro camera AIO Mini or similar.


Pika Frame Building Material:




1 x Pika 65 FPV Frame – Traslucent Clear Frame - Black Motor Mount

1 x AIO Mini TPU Ninja Flex Camera Mount, Black


Download User Manual for more information about products.

For more information need or service assistance, contact us by website chat service or by e-mail at service@lynxheli.com or orders@lynxheli.com.


PIKA 65 - CRASH TEST VIDEO - Incredible Strong and Resistant.

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